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Welcome to CU-CLLL

Dr. OdukoyaWelcome to Covenant University [CU] Centre for Lifelong Learning [CLLL]. The CU-CLLL is made up of Open Distance Learning [ODL] and the Part-Time Learning [PTL]units. To date, ODL and PTL are amongst the most potent lifelong learning platforms in the world.

It is apparent lifelong learners are lifelong leaders. The leadership of most developed countries in the world today can be traced to advanced knowledge. According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics (2013), 774 million adults (15 years and older) still cannot read or write – two-thirds of them (493 million) are women. Among youth, 123 million are illiterate of which 76 million are female. Even though the size of the global illiterate population is shrinking, the female proportion has remained virtually steady at 63% to 64%. Majority of this population are in Africa.

Young and old always need new skills and knowledge to cope with changing tides and events in the world (e.g. coping with HIV, ebola, cancer, earthquake, hurricane, global warming etc). Functional education remains the instrument par excellence for individual and national development. It is against this background the United Nations evolved the millennium development goals [MDGs]. One of the core MDGs is Education for All [EFA]. CU-CLLL has been inaugurated to contribute to the achievement of this laudable goal.

Covenant University’s unique emphasis on the core values of Spirituality, Sacrifice, Integrity, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Responsibility and Diligence makes learning at CU a better option any day. The wisdom of God says, ‘heaven and earth will pass away but not a jot from the Word of God will pass away unfilled’. Whatever is built on the Word is bound to stand the test of time.

Nothing is strong enough to stop you from learning – not age, gender, marriage, work, pregnancy or distance. Not even money. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our Part-Time Learning and Open Distance Learning platforms today.

Dayo Odukoya, Ph.D

Director, Centre for Lifelong Learning


Dear Prospective CU ODL Student, 

The history of Open and Distance Learning dates back to 1887 with the practice of correspondence education as a means of preparing candidates for the General Certificate in Education, a pre-requisite for the London Matriculation Examination. Thus, University of London was tagged the first “Open University”.  In spite of the establishment of a University College in Ibadan in 1948, many of its academic staff passed through the higher degree programmes of the University of London as distance learners, which gave them the opportunity to combine work with studies. Consequently, a significant number of Nigeria’s early educated elites were products of the British correspondence distance education system. This is the beauty of a well-run Distance Education programme.

Distance Learning has a lot of potential gains – such as meeting the education needs of the teeming population of qualified students who could not gain admission to tertiary institution; some of these are disadvantaged students who could hardly afford formal tertiary education and so need to work and learn simultaneously. More-so, the higher institutions in Nigeria are hardly able to absorb 30% of applicants on a yearly basis.  With population increase, the situation is becoming aggravated with each passing year.

As the best ICT driven institution in Nigeria to date, coupled with the caliber of our academic staff, uninterrupted electric power supply and core spiritual values, Covenant University is clearly at a vantage point in running ODL programmes. We are commencing with our core strength programmes – Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development.  Thereafter, we shall be extending to the first degree programmes.

You are welcome to an eagle’s flight with CU ODL programmes.

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