The vision thrust of Covenant University is embedded in her passionate drive to raise agents of change who will by reason of their exposure and training in the rudiments of Leadership Development, be equipped to offer “Afri-centric” solutions to Africa’s plethora of challenges.  This is primarily driven from the strong conviction that Africans are capable of finding solutions to challenges emanating from African-centred platforms and engage concepts, ideas and ideals for driving changes in the nation States of Africa, the Continent and the Global context.

The agenda is therefore to provide training and learning platforms for leadership development that will sensitize and equip students in the course of their programme in Covenant University to begin to think solutions and generate vision , goals and plans as talents are nurtured, potentials harnessed towards spearheading the change that we envision in realizing the following:

 The emergence of a people who will not be forever dependent on what the Government of the day is able to provide or offer, but a people who will see the endowments of God within them and around them and give themselves to driving the change they seek and become a self-reliant and visionary-driven.

The enhancement of the leadership capacity within the African Society will inevitably translate to all other areas of Africa’s operations and development.


The Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD) will focus on imparting leadership skills and capacity in individuals preparing to function in positions of responsibility and those entrusted with leadership at the different levels.

Our quest in this regard is to awaken the Leader in the students of this programme and empower them to take charge in all their endeavours and callings. The Diploma in Leadership Development will provide a theoretical and practical framework in creating a strong link between the foundation programme of the Certificate in Leadership Development Studies programme and the expectations for applying Leadership thoughts and skills in addressing the everyday challenges in different contexts.

During the course of the program, the following are some opportunities also available to our students:

  • An opportunity to sit in the lectures presented by the Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, a World renown Visionary and Transformational leader and the President of the Living Faith Church World Wide and a living legend of time!
  • A well equipped and state of the art online Library with a huge volume of texts and support materials for Leadership Studies.
  • To world class facilitators and resource persons who have been tested and trusted to deliver the best to our students with their wealth of experience.
  • To have a combined approach of Theory, experiential/action learning to enhance teaching.

Our Main Objectives are as follows:

  • To provide an enhanced leadership training frame work for person on the verge of or recently appointed to Leadership positions
  • To provide qualitative impact driven training and leadership development strategies/skills for staff, supervisors and junior managers.
  • To enrich the human and leadership potentials in the workplace to serve as catalyst and agents of change, in addressing the challenges of the nation and of the nation, Continent and World.


A very important dimension to the Leadership programme is the practical experience. Students are to engage in a Leadership practicum (practice experience). The aim of this experience is to help students develop a range of leadership competences in real life leadership scenarios. The areas activities will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Taking on Leadership Roles in current context
  2. Engagement in Community Development initiatives
  3. Peer Group / Collaborative initiatives with internal / external contexts.

  • One Year

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