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Entrepreneurship has been found to be a veritable intervention in the socio-economic and human development agenda of any society. It is capable of generating employment opportunities for the citizenry; providing job security and old age security; empowering the disadvantaged segment of the population; and stimulating economic growth/development.

The need to adopt entrepreneurship as a way of life becomes more imperative because of a very competitive employment or labour market and fewer openings in industries; and the need to arouse the immense potentials of young professionals to innovate, create, invent, manage and successfully drive their chosen businesses with special skills as new generation leaders. The Covenant University Diploma in Entrepreneurship is a unique programme aimed at equipping participants with requisite knowledge and skills to initiate and run viable entrepreneurial outfits.

This program is an empowerment scheme that offers an attachment to successful business outfits and entrepreneurs for practical orientation; entrepreneurial outfit formation at the end of the programme.


Participants in this programme will be equipped with the skill-set needed to start your own entrepreneurial outfit, which helps them to:

  • build an entrepreneurial mindset of turning problems into opportunities;
  • understand the interface of culture and success in entrepreneurial undertakings;
  • be well-informed about the strategies involved in business startups;
  • develop and execute a bankable business plan;
  • appreciate the role and importance of marketing in entrepreneurship;
  • know how to communicate entrepreneurial ideas; and
  • become self-employed and self-reliant

Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship, the student should be able to:

  • Recognize entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • Design and develop viable business plans to start a small business;
  • Understand how the entrepreneurial environment works; and
  • Appraise the risks involved in entrepreneurial events formation.
  • Compile and prepare accurate financial information for tax compliance and informed business decisions.
  • Understand marketing Strategies

The costs is N120,000 only (tablet Inclusive)

Apart for the project formulation exercise to be carried out by participants under the mentorship of members of faculty, which is a compulsory component of the programme, participants will offer the following modules as parts of the requirements for completion. Click on the links below for more on the learning content and expected outcomes:

  • CDE111: The Entrepreneurial Personality
  • CDE112: Culture and Entrepreneurship
  • CDE113: Entrepreneurial Startup Strategies
  • CDE114: Business Plans Development
  • CDE115: Small Business Management
  • CDE116: Entrepreneurial Finance
  • CDE117: Communication and Entrepreneurship
  • CDE118: Marketing Entrepreneurial Outcomes
  • CDE119: Techno-preneurship
  • CDE120: Creativity and Innovation

Click here to view the course requirements

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