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- Frequently Asked Questions -

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1. What is the Covenant University ODL Website Address?
2. What do I do first on the ODL Website?
3. What ODL Programmes are available?
4. What are the programme Requirements in Covenant University?
5. How much is the School Fees?
6. How do I make payments?
7. Does CU allow payment of school fees in installments?
8. Where do I gain access to ODL Academic Calendar?
9. How do I Start my Application?
10. How much is the Form?
11. Do I need to own an account with the banks?
12. What do I do when the bank teller insists that I own an account before getting the form?
13. What do I do when most of the banks in my area claim not to know anything about the form?
14. What Credentials am I expected to provide?
15. Is Awaiting Results allowed?
16. How do I make payments as an international student?
17. Do I require JAMB result to be admitted into Covenant University ODL Programmes?
18. How long will the CU ODL Admission form be on Sale?
19. When is the date for SCREENING?
20. Is there an age to limit to those who are allowed to apply to CU ODL Programme?
21. Where does ODL Lectures hold?
22. How do i register my courses and also check my result?
23. Can gain access to my lectures, Assignment and Online Quiz (where applicable) during the weekdays?
24. Can have access to my Class Time Table online?
25. If i need help, where i can i send a request?
26. Support Lines

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